Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The fan hits the shitparade

I'm Max and I'll be contributing to el shitparade from my hometurf of Los Angeles.

This last weekend was the 25th annual Sunset Junction streetfair which is like a less-free Siren Music Festival that is also not at Coney Island and does not have any pretzels (I ate two tamales, though, because they seemed like the closest thing to prtzels that I could find). No churros either, despite the churros sign in the picture, which is probably a couple years old, anyway. But it does stretch down a number of blocks and on those blocks are a number of bars and you drink all day to avoid being outside in direct sunlight. So either way, you're getting fucked up: skin-cancer or liver damage. It was a two-day thing, but I got too much sun on Saturday, so I elected to stay at home on Sunday with the air conditioner blasting my hung-over self.

Got there just in time to see
Vagenius play at 1:30 in the afternoon. The sound was tremendously good (especially for an outside PA) and they played a great set, despite it being light out and Joachim hadn't eaten anything. Missed Run Run Run (started drinking), ran into Marchelle and Sam from Bedtime For Toys, saw a bit of Something for Rockets (did you know that Jacques, formerly of Phantom Planet, is playing bass for them now? I did not. Did you know that the lead singer dude is Itzhak Perlman's son?!??!? I did, actually, know that), unfortunately missed Gravy Train (more drinking), walked by Black Mountain (I was drunk, but I think they were good), missed Jason Falkner (but met him in Malo, right before he went on and before I ate overpriced enchiladas and delicious plantains that were surely just bananas, actually), then saw The Walkmen (the bassist and organ guy had switched instruments for half of the set, over half the songs were new, the organ stopped working, i got bored, it was boring, but it's always nice to watch the drummer and I wanted to sit down because it hurt to stand and I wanted to drink more, and I knew they wouldn't play "Christmas Party"), then I got really drunk with Vagenius and missed John Cale and Rilo Kiley.

The next day I was at home so I missed everyone, including The New York Dolls, Suicide Girls, Eagles of Death Metal, The Gossip, The Weirdos, Burning Brides, The Willowz, and....... Chaka Khan!!!!!!!

Chaka Khan.


Max said...

wow, what an assault.
everything is so much bigger than I had intended.
and that's... okay!

Andrea said...


Anonymous said...

Goldblatt, this shit is kinetoscopic. Shine on you crazy diamond.
-old man leddy