Sunday, September 11, 2005


A Tennis themed post:

I did not realize I was this into Tennis. I'm watching the US Open Men's finals, and it's pretty exhilerating. So, yes, I am a tennis fan. Just like Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman and Lance Armstrong, who are all there, watching Federer and Agassi. I like that Agassi is 35 years old and is this good. I was a member of the Andre Agassi fan club for a year in, like, third grade. True story.

As they cut to a commercial during the 3rd set, CBS just played Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #3 (Power's Out)" over a montage of the players running and grimacing. I liked that.

Said the Gramophone just posted Arcade Fire's cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps and the tennis montage reminded me to share that shit. I like what they've done with it. I do.

And speaking of tennis: Chris Kaminstein and Michael Bodel have a new two-man play called "Man or MacEnroe." I guess today's the last performance though. But if you want to hear some audio samples, you can listen
here. Having missed that, Chris is in 1MACBETH next weekend, with Bajir Cannon, Tom Rabstenek and Jessica Weinstein, directed by Sara Bremen.

And. I'll be in New York starting Friday.


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