Monday, October 31, 2005

Is Kimmy In A Cult?

Interesting article in the new issue of Radar (pictured above, on newsstands now) entitled: The Cult of Tyra.

"Isolation. Forced confessions. Mind control. Two cult specialists break down the masterful manipulations of America's Next Top Model."

The article's not up on Radar Online (some great ones are though, including a truncated version of last issue's Tom Cruise/Scientology exposé by Kim Masters), so here's an excerpt for the immediate gratification of shitparaders everywhere.

Tyra's approval and disapproval define the narrative of ANTM. But in one episode from season four she gets truly fierce, delivering a screaming tirade about a young charge's lack of reverence for the process. "That's a significant tactic in any cult," says Lakhani. "Once people feel they've angered the leader, they feel they must do whatever it takes to get back into her good graces. No one wanted to be responsible for that kind of tantrum again, so better hide your feelings and beliefs, or, even better, change them so they are aligned with Tyra's."
A funny article and another fine issue from the magazine that should be beloved by all.

In other news, the new Madonna video is the shit. And I'm not just saying that because of the kopious krumping and brief appearances by Madge's leotard-clothed crotch.

Further, an equal GOD BLESS YOU and CURSE YOU, to Photo Albums are totally fly! I can give everyone pictures of themselves, and perhaps I can get some that my friends took of me! And now I get too actually see what fun everyone's having drunk and looking hott at parties that I cannot attend, because I no longer go to school and am in lonely Los Angeles (it is lonely: just see Shopgirl). Thanks for making internet voyeurism even more depressing!

In closing, today I saw three movies in the theater (and the order in which I saw them was the order in which I liked them best:

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Shane Black) is smart and fun. Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer work very well together and there's lots of violence, humor, violent humor and even pubic hair! And I like this Michelle Monaghan, I do.

Shopgirl (Anand Tucker) While watching Angela Chase screw a sixty year-old is rather odd, the writing and performances are tops all round. Schwartzman is especially great and idiosyncratic. And Mark Kozalek is in it, playing a rock singer, which is kind of cool (and a couple of his Sun Kil Moon songs are featured in the film). I liked seeing sincerity on screen. I did not cry, though, probably because the voice-over narration irked me.

Saw II (some guy) You know... yeah.


thehawk said...

now, leave a comment that says "oh my freaking god, you are so right" or something along those lines
.... and so i did.
max, ill be back in lala land for winter. and ill be 21. and we can dance. fiercely.

Max said...

now, leave a comment that answers "who is the hawk?"

Katey rich said...

Kimmy was spied on campus today and looked, well, rather not-culty.

Some reviewer described "Shopgirl" as the definition of early-20's wandering around through life. Now I'm even more afraid to graduate, though if Steve Martin decides to be my sugar daddy, well, that's fine.

Max said...

be afraid, be very afraid. i don't wander through life, but, rather, sit.

Meghan said...

SAW II got me free breakfast at work!!! With omlettes!!!

PS I moved to LA to make Steve Martin my sugar daddy, but it was a little too much daddy, and not enough sugar, if you know what I mean. At least LGF knows how to treat a lady after a big opening weekend.