Saturday, October 15, 2005

La lengua del cine es universal

Inspired by the previous post, by the fact that I am bored and getting over a cold, and by the additional fact that I enjoy making lists: here are the movies released in 2005 that I have liked best. So far.

batman begins
(christopher nolan) i was not prepared for this film to be so well executed.
the beat that my heart skipped (jacques audiard) damn fine french remake of james toback's fingers
(susanne bier) i love connie nielsen. and danish movies. this is one of the best danish anti-war movies starring connie nielsen in recent memory.
the constant gardener
(fernando meirelles) beautiful, mature, epic, intimate. all at once! who knew?
dark water
(walter salles) i'm totes bored with japanese horror remakes, but this one is head and shoulders above the rest, which are submerged in gross sludge which leaks from the ceiling.
everything is illuminated
(liev schreiber) eugene hutz is godhead.
grizzly man
(werner herzog) in the words of ben popper: "deep Herzogian musings, dillusional main character, bear poop fights. Wunderbar!!"
a history of violence (david cronenberg) bloody fantastic. would make a lovely double feature with out of the past
(phil morrison) acutely observed, smartly understated comedy. and will oldham is in a scene. and i want to marry amy adams.
(chan-wook park) that long tracking shot! that ending!
(lars von trier) why is this coming out in february, despite the fact that it's been finished for months? perhaps ifc doesn't know how to market a brilliant and difficult film. it's worth the wait.
me and you and everyone we know
(miranda july) saw it three times. "At mom's house we have a chore wheel. You put chores on it and then, uh, you can spin it. There's this metal thing and it helps it to spin. It's spinning from the metal."
(david laChapelle) i would like it to be known that i invented krumping.
the squid and the whale (noah baumbach) like in junebug and me and you
, the comedy emerges from painful situations. but in the case of each film, we can simultaneously empathize and laugh. these filmmakers truly care about their characters. is this the year of the dysfunctional family? could be.

these are movies that aren't out yet that I am looking forward to, or movies i missed when they came out, or movies that are out, but I have yet to see. i hope to add some of these titles to the above list.

ask the dust (robert towne)
brokeback mountain (ang lee)
caché (michael haneke)
capote (bennett miller)
clean (olivier assayas)
dear wendy (thomas vinterberg)
forty shades of blue (ira sachs)
king kong (peter jackson)
kiss kiss, bang bang (shane black)
last days (gus van sant)
match point (woody allen)
no direction home (martin scorsese)
shopgirl (anand tucker)
the three burials of meliquiades estrada (tommy lee jones)
walk the line (james mangold)
yes (sally potter)

Have people seen these? What do people think about them? Was this a bad year for movies?


Andrea said...

Capote = chicken. Any screenwriter should be wary about writing a historical character who was cleverer than they are.

Max said...

saw a russian dvd of "dear wendy" last night. didn't do it for me. are we the only people who read this?

Kate said...

Haven't seen Manderlay yet, but von Trier can bite me. Otherwise -- stellar picks!

ALSO: Wallace and Gromit is pure bliss.