Sunday, November 06, 2005

Alex likes reggaeton

couchI originally heard this certain song when I was in ecuador - a ridiculously danceable reggaeton song that seemed to play on repeat all over the country. It was totally addictive and amazing and single-handedly improved my trip - in bars and clubs at night, every time it came on, everybody, including my very white friends and me, went crazy. anyway I could never figure out what it was called or who sings it - but TODAY on the subway, this puerto-rican kid was listening to headphones and singing it aloud, and my eyes went wide and I looked at him and ran up to him and said "oh my god, who sings that song?!" and he looked me up and down and said slowly and suspiciously "it's puerto-rican music." and I said "yeah I know I know who sings it?" and he said "Daddy Yankee" and I said "I LOVE that song" and he raised an eyebrow and said "it's called 'Lo Que Paso, Paso'" and I said "thanks" and jumped off the subway and ran home to download it.

It's been on repeat ever since, and I've been dancing like the white dumbass I am. "Lo que paso, paso! Entre tu y yo!"

Listen to a 40-second sample

I found the lyrics online too, and they're hot as shit.

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Anonymous said...

oh sit! I'monna sing along wit' da boyz at da Rim Shop!