Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Alex Mourns The Loss of Sam

couchSam, the three-time winner of California's "world's ugliest dog" competition, has recently passed away. To those who have seen the hideous pooch, the immediate question must be "How could anyone tell he's dead?" It's indeed a mystery. Sam looks like the crypt-keeper. Seriously. Featuring multiple calluses, chronic halitosis, speckled hairless skin, white cataracts on both eyes, a hankering for chewing his own hind-foot, and a muzzle of gnarled and fulvous teeth, Sam, a purebred Chinese Crested Hairless, could only have been painstakingly created by the most hopelessly sadistic of breeders. California is utterly insane. Who even has a "world's ugliest dog" contest?

Non sequitur link: This video is funny and smart.


Crazy Me said...

Poor Sam. I posted a picture of him on my blog once. He really was an UGLY dog!!

astroboy said...

I shouldn't have clicked the link. I'll have nightmares all weekend long.

Emily Carmichael said...

He looks like a hyena from Lion King. But he sounds like a good dog, if you read what they say about him. Maybe I'll make a movie where he's the hero.