Tuesday, November 29, 2005

All My Little Words

After seeing Jacques Tati Playtime again, this time in 70mm at the Egyptian Theater, I am prepeared to declare it one of my absolute favorite films of all time. It has now been declared. If you haven't seen it, you ought to. But only watch it if you have access to a huge screen, because there are lots of little details that you will not notice on a small screen (as was the case the first time I saw it). MASTERPIECE! In you.

2006 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations are out. Leading the pack is
The Squid and The Whale with 6 nominations. Also of note: Conventioneers, a Red State/Blue State romantic comedy made by and starring a lot of Wesleyan graduates, has been nominated for the John Cassavetes Award for best feature made for under $500, 000. And it has one of the funniest last lines of dialogue in recent memory. Check out the film's website.

MGMT shouted out in the blogosphere - Dreams of Horses.

Oy! The new
Belle and Sebastian album has leaked! Here's two tracks: Another Sunny Day and Sukie in the Graveyard, which is the fucking hottness. Maxi says, "In you."

Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley), the Watson Twins, Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and Ben Gibbard pretend to be the Travelling Wilburys on Handle With Care, off of Ms. Lewis' solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat.

Preview the new
Beck remix album, Guerolito (in stores 12/13), and watch the robotastic video for "Hell Yes" right here! Also, the newly redesigned Beck website is streaming some great new unreleased tracks. Prolific!

Who saw 4 celebrities at lunch yesterday? I did (read the paragraph after the update).

Have you heard that the Kazakh governement has threatened legal action against Sascha Baron-Cohen, claiming that Borat is derogatory towards the people of Kazakhstan? Well they have. Please read their statement and watch Borat's video response. Funniest shit of all times.

Heard this song called "Nobody" on Indie 103.1 today and was all like, "I've heard that. I like that. What is that?" Does this happen to you? Well it turned out to be Monsters Are Waiting, an L.A. band I saw this summer. I later learned that their guitarist used to be in Eve 6. Weird. Listen to "Nobody" and some other tracks at their myspace.

Biggest time waster of evertimeswasted: The Big Old Name That Band Quiz of Seemingly British Origin (download Excel file here -- via Adam). I am now up to 136, because I know not only what Wizard sound like, but look like.

Good read of the moment: Live Fast, Die Young: The Wild Ride of Making Rebel Without a Cause by Lawrence Frascella and Al Weisel.

OK. That's all for now. Be well. IN YOU!


katey said...

No telling if you'll even read this since it's so far back, but I'm seeing Playtime in Scott's theory class on Tuesday! Now you've got me psyched, whereas before, because I hate Burch and we are watching this movie because of his theory, I was dreading it. Thanks a lot.

Max said...

Playtime is truly the most fun you can have being theoretical. Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

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