Saturday, November 12, 2005

No You Didn't!

The video for "Juicebox" by The Strokes, which was much ballyhooed (or bloogyhooed) in its preproduction stages, has leaked. David Cross is predictably funny. The rest of the video is predictably predictable -- making out, text messages, puke, scene fags, porn, old lady, Strokes. Good fun.

The video for "Hell Yes" by Beck is out on MTV2 and, lo and behold, it's the best video from
Guero and one of his best in a while. I love it! It's not online yet, but it's directed by Garth Jennings and stars..... these guys!

To summarize my thoughts on The Strokes and all other of the new musics, I refer to an excerpt from the piece entitled "RETARDED HIPSTERS HAVE DESTROYED INDIE MUSIC," by anon.
all these bands suck ass. so does anyone who listens to music because its the flavor of the month. I gaurantee that no one will be listening to bloc party in 2 more months, just like they don't listen to franz ferdinand anymore, just like they don't listen to interpol anymore, just like they don't listen to the strokes anymore. why? well, here's the equation: because this retarded excuse for music is all stylized which = no longevity + no substance. all you fuckers listen to indie because it is hip and you've ruined it.
Why are people so negative? Can't we all dance and have fun? And what's with this whole attack on all things "stylized"? Music and film and art are innately stylized. I will admit that "Juicebox" is stylized: if by "stylized" you mean that that it sounds like 311 crossed with Weezer (Green Album era, natch). Doesn't "Retarded Hipsters Have Destroyed Indie Music," if read literaly, sound like a headline from The Onion? Or maybe a slanderous piece about Daniel Johnston???


Andrea said...

Have you seen The Devil And... yet? I have it at my house...some guy from my office was the first person who discovered and helped distribute DJ.

Max said...

I have yet to see it, but heard good things. Stock answer.

Shankar said...

i guess as 'hipsters' or others get older, they stop trying so hard to be better than everyone and everything and start just enjoying things. takes away my fear of aging a bit, this apparent trend for increasing clarity.