Friday, December 16, 2005

Alex Needs To Get Out More Than Anyone...And Everyone Else

couchI'm ANGRY. This radio advertisement just said "Epson printers...they really do have it all, and more." Okay, it's logically IMPOSSIBLE to have *more* than "all" - that's like saying "you can get the best women, and even better women than that" - I mean, hyperbole for the sake of selling printers is one thing. Like, I'm cool with them saying that the printer has it all, which is already a hyperbolic statement since that implies that the printer holds the key to fusion, which is obviously absurd. But to say that it has it all, and more, is beyond hyperbole. It's logically deranged. Blithering idiocy. It's the worst. It's horrible. It has it all, and more. It's worse than the worst thing I could possibly hear, ever.

This site is hilarious, especially the Kid's Corner: What A Crappy Present!

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