Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is a pen

Holy shinto! While I'm at it, I might as well post this amazing video of Dakota Fanning being interviewed by a 17-year old Japanese boy who is crushing on her very intensely. It's difficult to tell if all that shaking is nervousness or if there's a War of the Worlds going on in his undies, see? This made me happy, sad and frustrated all at the same time. This video is revolutionary. It also makes complete sense despite a shortage of American subtitles. Also, in this clip, Fanning comes of like a caffeine-addled chihuahua being forced to improvise.

DFan vs. J-Boy (via the magnificent Screenhead)

and if you can't find it there, try here:
DFan vs. J-Boy (via devilducky)


Andrea said...

What's more terrifying - Dakota Fanning, or a high school student who has a crush on an 11-year-old? Or is the fact that Dakota Fanning's favorite aspect of Japan is how "everything is so clean"...?

Joe John said...

I mean, she also said that she would love to visit the "city" of Japan again.

andrew ® said...

i think that video is dispicable...seriously, making fun of people with tourrets is completely unacceptable

andrew ® said...

oops i don't mean tourrets, i mean muhammed ali disease...parkinsons,? yeah that one. that kid is totally fucked up like Cassius Clay

Max said...

that ain't no parkinsons, if i've ever seen parkinsons, which I have. that's a schoolboy cruth to the nth degree (morningwood styles).