Friday, February 24, 2006

Now it's on...

Some blogs have beef with each other. But has there ever been a blog civil war?
Methinks not...until now.

With her previous post, Andrea has unintentionally started a shitstorm, as t'were. The West Coast shitparade unit hereby responds to Andrea's diss with a CALI THROWDOWN MIX! Why? Because... it's so hot out here in February that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk and the cobrasnake has yet to wear slacks this season, okay? Freeze in hell, eastside bitchez! Only songsmiths of Cali need apply.

Busdriver - Avantcore (Los Angeles, CA - High 71°)

Westside! This is where it all happens, you see? The great music of our faire state spans all genres, and all geographical regions. We start right here in LA, with this underdog hip-hop brilliance. I met Busdriver once outside of Mashti Malone's Ice Cream Parlor. Some like the rosewater stuff, but I prefer Herbal Snow sorbet. I cannot recall what flavor he had.
BUY Fear of a Black Tangent

2. Richard Swift - The Novelist (Orange County, CA - High 71°)
Swift's shit is next level and last level at the same time. There's this heavy nostalgia that hangs over everything, but it's revisionist. It's simultaneously intimate and grand. And how's this for contradiction: a Cali artist who opens his song with the words "I am New York." Immaculate songcraft here, people.
BUY The Novelist/Walking Without Effort

Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News) (Palm Desert, CA - High 81
°) mp3 via Some Velvet BlogIf I were in a band and had a better mustache, I would want my band to be the Eagles of Death Metal and I'd want Jesse Hughes' moustache. The video, directed by Lonely Island peeps and co-starring Jack Black and Dave Grohl, should not disappoint. In fact, the whole record is berry berry enjoyable. Somewhere online some guy said "Gayest band name ever." Completely.
GO to their website (new album, Death by Sexy, forthcoming).

4. Lavender Diamond - You Broke My Heart (Los Angeles, Ca High 71°)
Lavender Diamond's head honcha is Becky Stark. She is a rosy-cheaked peacenik who, I imagine, dreams in shape and color alone. When I played this for my dad, who likes English folk, he didn't know how to react and actually thought I was trying to play him something I didn't like, to try and trick him into saying he liked it.
BUY The Cavalry of Light

5. Kelley Stoltz - Memory Collector (San Francisco, CA - High 65
Not only is Kelley the Wesleyan graduate and lesbian from America's Next Top Model, but she's a brilliant musician, cranking out loads of masterfully poppy, lo-fi bedroom recordings. Oh, my bad: Kelley wasn't on Top Model, that was her sister Kim. No, sorry again. They are not related. And Kelley is a boy. His album is truly fantastic. And I only speak in truths, so trust me.
BUY Below The Branches

6. Daedelus - Just Briefly (Los Angeles, CA - High 71°
I love it when you forget that machines are involved in making the glitchy electronic sounds that are coming out of your speakers. Daedelus is a magician, a sonic close-up artist: he goes so far as to show you how to do the trick, and then you try it and you fail. Only he holds the organic secret within.
BUY Exquisite Corpse

Brightblack Morning Light - New Mexico (Lagunitas, CA - High 66
This be the dawning of rural narcosweetness, the creation myth of frontier slowcore. Their website says it best: Brightblack Morning Light is the cooperative song work of bestfriends, N. Shineywater and Rachael Hughes.... among other good friends and herbs." I love it when the herbs sing harmony. Oh yeah, they got signed by Matador. I'm super excited to hear that album.
MAKE discoveries at their website CHECK Matador for upcoming album info

8. Goblin Cock - Stumped (San Diego, CA - High 66
Metal side project for Rob Crow of Pinback. Here he's known as Lord Phallus. Seriously. Okay, you can laugh.
BUY Bagged and Boarded

Irving - Situation (Silverlake, CA - High 7
) mp3 via Kids Who Can't Read Good
Like LA itself, these fellas are sometimes summery, sometimes weird. Their new shizzler, which comes out in April, was produced by west-coast powercats Phil Ek (The Shins, Modest Mouse), Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart) and Jim Fairchild (Grandaddy). Don't fuck with their pedigree.
PREORDER Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers

10. Totally Radd!! - The Greatest Battle on Earth (Los Angeles, CA - High 71°
High voltage videopixel assault from LA based art collective/musiquetrio, who played with MGMT and Vagenius at the Roxy a couple weeks back. And Adam, their laptop player, helped build the world's biggest dreamcatcher. Seriously.
BUY Shark Attack Day Camp LISTEN to my favorite song of theirs, MxUxSxCxLxE, on their Myspace.

California: even Friends and Seinfeld shot here.


Andrea said...

see my facebook profile for more thoughts on dreamcatchers

Max said...

I laughed out loud (or, lol'ed).

Anonymous said...

o fer fuks sake could ya put decent mp3 names up? try and save what ya put up an see what happens? i'm saving from the place acrooss from the prt authority an i got one hand free and you got all shitz an some numbrs....i'm homeless how am i gonna keep track on my ipod? fix th efuckin mp3s

Andrea said...

is that zach fried?