Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wesleyan vs. God

Father of the New Musics

I've taken it upon myself to compile a big list of Wesleyan music. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. So... here goes.

These bands/artists:
1. Must have music available to hear online.
2. Must have at least 1 member who goes/went to Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.
3. Should still be in existance.
4. Hopefully are awesome.

This is in no way a comprehensive list.
Yeah, I know, it's mostly myspace, but that's where the music is.
These are the bands I know of, but people should feel free to add others in the comments so we can ALL LEARN MORE!

Oh, and any information regarding the web whereabouts of Francis Starlight would be appreciated.

B for Bronosaurus
Nat Baldwin
Belly Boat
The Chapin Sisters
City Product
The Dreden Dolls
Erase Errata

The Fever
The Flesh
G Band Free
La Laque
Michael Leviton
Man vs. Beast
MC Front A Lot
Mirror Boiyz
Miss Fairchild
Mobius Band
New American Wing
Nous Non Plus (ex-Les Sans Culottes)
"Jump Back" Jake Rabinbach
David Ramos
Owen Roberts
Seductive Sprigs
Spirit Marines
Standing Nudes
Supersystem (formerly El Guapo)
Tarantula A.D.
Trendsetter 2000
Dar Williams


Andrea said...

The Dresden Dolls! Also, Nous Non Plus (ex-Les Sans Culottes), MC Front A Lot, Chucklehead, and who could forget G Band Free!

Max said...

See how out of touch I am? What about Dar Williams and Erase Errata? Should we add them? Who went to Wes from NNP? Who is MC Front A Lot? The world may never know.

Andrea said...

Dan Crane aka Jean Luc Retard. I don't know MC FAL's real name, but I know he's an alum.

dave said...

Front A Lot = Damian Hess
he's also got a role in Mutual Appreciation (Andrew Bujalski's newest movie)
but i have no idea what year he was

dave said...

oh, and somehow i didn't notice this until recently, but
Nat Baldwin is apparently playing with the Dirty Projectors nowadays

Tiappa said...

How about:

Mark Forscher, Day Might Same,

Alex Klimovitsky in Three and a Quarter
Freddy Locks and the Groove missions
(and Kid Nap, but they're changing they're name and don't have a site yet)
Greg Barlow was ZX for a while and might still be.

Steve Lehman is in Fieldwork right now.

Beat the Donkey used to have Wes members.
And Greg Rogov is playing drums for devendra bernhardt these days.

w-up Andrea (if that's Andrea garcia)!