Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Dance Called The Be Yo' Self

Ho hum, so I'm sitting around sorting laundry, and I need a mix to make me feel like sorting laundry and watching Valley Girl is exactly what I would be doing now if I could do anything in the world. And I'm lazy. And it's Sunday.

1. Lovestink (feat. Cee-lo) - Gangsta Boogie Everyone's been preaching the Gnarls Barkley gospel to me lately, and rightfully so - but apparently, this is Cee-lo's second side project of the moment, with someone named Jack Splash, who sounds like Prince and do I like it better? Let's just say, this song could make you feel good if you were being tried by military tribunal tomorrow and your whole family had just died in a fire. Not to like, harsh your mellow. We got a dance called the Be Yo'self! [THANKS GvB]

2. Devin The Dude - Ihi Devin the Dude is one of those rappers that sort of got lost in time - he was in Facemob, he's had guest spots on Dr. Dre and De La Soul tracks, and his sophomore LP Just Tryin' Ta Live, featured Dre, Nas, Xzibit, and others - but somehow no one really knows the guy. Anyway - great song! [THANKS AVI] [SEE HIS MYSPACE PROFILE]

3. Kevin Federline - Snap It's Sunday, what? No one's with you. Tomorrow's Monday. Perfect time to kick back with some K-Fed and laugh at the state of the music industry.

4. The Raconteurs - Level This song is like Yeah you like the White Album bitch do you like it yeah I know you like it fuck YEAH I know you like it yeah you oh fuck yeah - oh fuck - unh. Oh, God - I'm sorry. (i.e. "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" + Jack White + Brendan Benson = Total Climax) Also if you hear this song from next door, you imagine some painfully hot creature is there bobbing around to the beat while doing something else not laundry related, like cutting 200 lines or something.

5. Josie Cotton - Johnny Are You Queer? Did I mention I was watching Valley Girl?

6. Bonnie Hayes & The Wild Combo - Girls Like Me Well, I am. [THANKS KIMMIE]

They got a word for girls like me,


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