Monday, June 05, 2006

Beat Kids!

I hereby announce a Maxx Attack of the highest order: here she is, pervs, your DANCEPARTYSCENESTER MIX for the month of June. In honor of 3 things: 1. we all need a little dance inside us 2. I'm going to be on the road for most of the summer, and I'd hate to leave you in a lurch up shitparade creek without a paddle (Seth Green/Matthew Lillard style) 3. this shit is too revolutionary to keep it like a secret - I must don and doff my tastemaker cap. Get ready for a westside junkie/male-hustler to rock the mic, for the neu-est electrohiphop straight outta Germany, and for the most addictive outfit to emerge unscathed from Wesleyan U.'s post-MGMT cycle of dancing-musics. We begin...

" You can do me up like Woodrow Wilson."

1. Boy Crisis - Dressed To Digress This is pure aural sexx. It's so slick, so crispy, lyrically daunting, satirically haunting. Boy Crisis is Tal R., Alex K. and Victor V, hella '06, Wes-style, and they've created a monster with this one, something of an anthem of modern romance. In between all the breath catching and namedropping, this track reveals itself as love letter. "You're the shit, Girl." There's something equally vulgar and celebratory about this refrain. Something vulgar and celebratory about this type of unflappable commitment. Put it on repeat, learn all the words, play it for your friends, create a dance for it, feel it inside you, have a mint.[VISIT THEIR MYSPACE, WATCH SOME VIDEOS]

Mynx - I'm So L.A. This ditty is like a charicature in song form. I hope nobody thinks I'm like the people portrayed in this song, because I'm not. I have nothing in common with them. However, I love perpetuating L.A. stereotypes in order to perplex the rest of the country. I've included this song for said reason, and because it's catchy as a Koochball. Mynx are a co-ed duo (cousins) from... guess where, and they describe themselves as a darker B-52's. Apparently this song is from 2004, but... well, I guess it's a classic at this point. [BUY THE MYNX E.P.]

You Don't Want Yr Nails Done - Panther INFLUENCE: "If you're a fly gal, then get yr nails done. Get a pedicure. Get yr hair did." LYRICS: "When you are making this fist... uh huh. You don't want your hair done (REPEAT). Oh making of these fists. Baby baby (REPEAT). Doctor store (REPEAT 4EVER). Sha duh duh baby baby baby baby baby boo [...] Motherfucker!" BIO: "Panther is the solo thing by Charlie from Portland, OR -he's the dude from The Planet The. God help us." VIDEO: here. ALBUM: not out yet. That's all I know, but I like it.

Jane Fonda - Mickey Avalon Yo, the Ave is blowing up! LA Weekly cover story, cobrasnake photographed prom afterparty performances, and, to boot, this song's playing on Santino's myspace! Big time. Anyway, I'll spare you the backstory (check out the article, it's quite a good read), but Mickey Avalon's got a history of drugs, prostitution and a present of glam-rap. Sunny D. Levine, illest and bestest of Santa Monica, produced some stuff for him. I think his flow is very interesting and I think an above average number of tracks on his album are really solid. I'm especially fond of the grand finale, entitled "My Dick." [BUY MICKEY AVALON]

Muallem (feat. Amazon) - Are You Ready? (Turn Off The Lights) In a perfect world, this is the single track that sets the floor ablaze. Like that Dr. Octagon tune that Andrea posted a while ago, this Muallem dude is bringing some shit from outer space. Or from... Munich. Great beat, it actually has a melody, and those synthesizers are so tasty. Googling the female MC, Amazon, was tricky. But if this song is any indication, she's got the goods. [BUY FRANKIE SPLITS]

6. Snowblink - Sing Me An Oak Tree Slowing things down a bit (note: you can dance to this, but it should be a slowdance. With someone you care about, please)... Snowblink is Daniela Gesundheit and (most of the time) an assortment of boys on backing vox and noisemakers. Snowblink is a true pleasure. Daniela is on tour for a few more weeks and you can buy the music at these shows, so check out the tourdates and some other lovely songs on myspace. And then the song becomes something else coming from another room, perhaps?

**Bonus Track:
The Gossip - Standing In The Way of Control One last bit of dancypants. Now, okay, I like the bassline, but... I feel like the singer wants to sound like like Sleater-Kinney, but she really sounds like Lenny Kravitz. I'm serious. Listen to it and make a mashup with "Are You Gonns Go My Way " in your head, and tell me that I'm wrong. Dare you to tell me that I'm wrong. [BUY STANDING IN THE WAY OF CONTROL]

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Andrea said...

Dude, Boy Crisis sound like Beck. Lyrics included. Rad.