Monday, July 18, 2005


Batman Begins! On IMAX! Awesome. The fight scenes are burdened by quick shots, and Katie Holmes is permanently located on a small-town dock - and she sounds hopelessly like a self-important college girl when she tries to "talk shop" with her DA coworkers. With her high-pitched voice and sideways smile, she reminded me of Jennifer Tilly's "Bullets Over Broadway" character. It was awesome to see Frank Miller's plotlines realized, Christian Bale and Liam Nieson couldn't have been better cast, and the art-deco 1930's-meets-the-future look of Gotham was effective in creating the appropriately dark fantasy atmosphere. And the Scarecrow!! YES! Such an awesome, underappreciated psychologically warped character! His look has always been problematic, in that it's kind of boring and weird, and the ratty canvas sack really solves that problem by making him straight-forwardly gritty and horrifying. Anyone know if they're making a sequel for this based on the Miller? That'd be exciting plot-wise, but casting would be a problem; even if the other Batman movies weren't based on the comics, Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Danny DeVito were impeccably cast.

Did anyone else notice that now Christian Bale has played Bateman and Batman? Heh.

Also saw Party Girl - thanks, Kate - a campy movie which ought to be remade - on premise rather than plotline. And saw about 1/3 of Magnolia before I started to hope upon hope that all the characters would contract cancer and die, and went out for dinner. Set to see His Girl Friday tonight. So psyched for Shopgirl, The Aristocrats, and Pretty Persuasion. I've been hoping someone would make a movie about egregious sexual abuse allegations in girls' school since I went to one. ~Dre

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