Friday, July 08, 2005

Rainy lane

It's one of those rainy days that makes you feel like the sun slept in and the day never really got started. Cass McCombs with The Double was cancelled from the rain, I don't think Missy Elliott happened either. I forgot to take pictures at my birthday dinner (ooops) because I was drunk as a monkey, and busy cooking delicious pasta, all of which was devoured. So take my word for it: I'm 21 and I'm a great cook. I've been listening to the Flesh Eaters A Hard Road To Follow all morning, and Chris D's vocals on "I Take What I Want" remind me so much of Weird War's Ian Svenonius it's kind of unbelievable. Speaking of which, they're playing Mercury Lounge on August 5.

Tonight I'm probably going to this:

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