Tuesday, August 30, 2005

DailyCandy = Haters

As a dedicated patron of Pink Pony from way back - have you tried those pancakes? Yeesh - I have to take issue with the following tidbit from DailyCandy, which is not only wrong, but rips off New York mag's review of PP ("Now the only persistent smell at the expanded Pink Pony is the oily aroma of one too many unwashed artists"). Observe:

"Click your heels three times and you’ll find it: Cafe Gitane without the Gauloise attitude; Pink Pony without the unwashed hipster stench.

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

The other night while roaming from Chinatown to NoLIta, we caught a glimpse of Epistrophy. Grungy (and gorgeous) Italian newlyweds, Luca Fadda and Giorgia Zedda, were placing finishing touches on the old-world interior of their new resto: bistro chairs, dark wooden bar, tin ceiling. The place looks like it’s been there for years, and it immediately won our vote for new favorite hangout. (And it’s so discreet that when we returned the following night, we almost couldn’t find it.)"

Aw - got lost on the LES? Maybe you should have stayed in Kansas.

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Kate said...

Oh shit shit SHIT. Those pancakes! Those banana pancakes! Topped with MANGO ICE CREAM!