Thursday, August 11, 2005

Urban Contraception

New York is rapidly being taken over by the same religious fanatics and capitalist heavyweights who own the rest of the country. The funny thing is, no one visits those backwoods shithole areas, and all those people come to New York. Don't they realize that they are their own worst enemies?

So where to go when the Lower East Side finally becomes is a strip mall full of pregnant teenagers?

The same place we've all been dreaming of since November, where the streets are paved with National health care and the pot grows on trees.

Or should I say: La ville dont nous avions rêvé depuis novembre, où les rues sont pavées avec des fleurs d'assurance de la Sécurité sociale et de marijuana sur des arbres.

C'est vrais...

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Matt Leddy said...

Montreal eh? Some folks seem to reckon otherwise:

I'll be giving tours starting at 3:00 and 5:00, write for tickets (obviously they are duck boat tours).