Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ANTM Starts Tomorrow!

If you’re in California, sign up to get bleacher seats for the Oscars!

To advertise their new denim line &Denim, H&M has commissioned anembarrassingly campy
collabo between Mary J Blige, David LaChapelle,Shakespeare, and American Idol Tamyra Gray. Tamyra plays an inner-cityJuliet, who is courted by a metrosexual dancer Romeo. My favorite part isthe prolonged death-by-lipsynching sequence, in which Tamyra runsaround in circles flailing her arms and pushing the extras.

Elijah Wood's iTunes playlist includes Aberfeldy "Summer's Gone". He is a dweeb.

video for the Cardigans "I Need Some Fine Wine, And You Need ToBe Nicer" is awesome. And so is the slide guitar riff.Also this is the new Ratatat video. It is pretty and psychedelic.

Benjamin Diamond's
video (also available here) rips off artist Tony Oursler..

We Are Scientists are opening for Ambulance Ltd on their
upcoming tour. For reasons undisclosed, this is hilarious (trust me).

Stop the insanity!!

Another kooky Katrina project: a Great Falls, SC high school principal has vowed to camp on the roof of the school if his students raise $2,000. Why they would want him to do this so much that they’d pay for it, I can’t imagine; I think this is just
something he’s wanted to do for a while.

Timothy McDarrah, the US Weekly “Hot Stuff” columnist, has been arrested for trying to seduce a minor, who was in fact an FBI agent posing on the internet as a 13-year-old. According to the affidavit, the perve offered to pay $200, an iPod, clothes, and CD’s for sex.

Orbit has come out with two new gum flavors: Sweet Mint and Citrus Mint. Sweet Mint: a peppermint bouquet with undertones of vanilla, green tea, tonic water. Not quite a mint hybrid; not quite mint. Bellissimo! An 8. Citrus mint = Jesus. A 10. With these new flavors, in addition to their already popular / addictive Bubblemint, I think Orbit is going to corner the market on mint hybrids.

Sons & Daughters have released their upcoming tour schedule.

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