Friday, September 09, 2005

The Sexuality Post

Wesleyan alum David Jay, founder and practitioner of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, is featured as a sexpert, or rather lack-of-sexpert, in this week’s edition of Dan Savage’s Village Voice sex column, Savage Love. Jay is quoted saying, “Show me anyone, sexual or asexual, who isn't in some way fucked up, and I'll gag.” Gurl, you don’t know what it means to gag! As a refresher, some of you may recognize Jay as that guy who used to rollerblade around campus with a bike helmet and fanny pack, before it was ironic.

Rumor has it that another, not-asexual Wes alum /
reality star will be featured on the next cover of Go NYC, a weekly magazine and cultural guide for the urban lesbian. Copies go onsale today in a million area shops, bars, and cultural centers.

I am currently reading Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier. It is beautifully written, and fascinating – not the sappy gender-politics-oriented “Hooray vaginas!” rant that I feared it might be. It is a whimsical, eloquent anatomical survey of the human female. Go get it and read it. It’s marked at $15, but you can get it for

On Wednesday night,
Bang! at China 1 was full of pretty young things, the staff from Genre Magazine, and even your odd celesbian. But my enjoyment was put on pause when I saw how disappointed my lezzie and lez-positive friends were to have such limited access to the biologically female. So, in honor of them, and my imminent move to Dyke Slope, a list of local lezzie or estrogen-heavy events:

*Tonight Lesbian Sex Mafia: Urban Tantra @ The Center, 8:45pm, $10
*Tonight Cirrah @ Cattyshack, $5
*Tonight Lezzy night @ Boogaloo, FREE

Tomorrow Big Gay Reality on LOGO Network, starting noon

*Tomorrow LTTR Radical Read-In @ Printed Matter (535 W 22 St), 5pm, FREE
*Tomorrow Girl Nation @ Nation (12 W 45th St), 6pm-late, FREE
Tomorrow Juicy @ The Slide (356 Bowery) 10pm, $5 before 11:30pm

*Tomorrow Virgo Bash @ Cattyshack, $7 with flyer, Virgos FREE
**Tomorrow Le One Night Stand @ Scenic, FREE
Tomorrow MisShapes @ Luke + Leroy, FREE

**Sat 9.10 Glamdammit @ Rififi (332 E 11th), FREE
*Sun 9.11 Starlette for Women @ Starlight Lounge, 10pm
*Sun 9.11 Burger & Soul Bikini BBQ @ Cattyshack, 9pm, $5
Sun 9.11 ‘Stache @ 6’s & 8’s, 10pm, $5
**Sun 9.11 Morrissey Night @ Sway (305 Spring St), FREE
Mon 9.12 Killing of Sister George mixer / reading @ The Center, 6:30pm, $10
*Mon 9.12 Free @ Nowhere (322 E 14th), 10pm, FREE
*Tue 9.13 Transcend @ Henrietta Hudson, 10pm, FREE
**Wed 9.14 Uncle Ming’s (225 Ave B, 2nd Fl), FREE
*Thu 9.15 G Spot @ 2i, 9pm-3am, $5 before 10, $8 after

* Specifically lez
** Not lez, but for some reason often full of pretty lezzies.

The rest are of no particular sexuality, but are either queer-themed, or just hipster parties with a pretty and sometimes gay clientele, like Eclectic.

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