Monday, October 03, 2005

And Scene!

Seems like Wesleyan has been popping up on NYC photoblogs this past week like a hip, scrawny little weed:

Wesleyan grins drunkenly, Wesleyan vogues like a Mediterranean barmaid out of Il Postino, Wesleyan downs drinks like a pro, Wesleyan strokes an attractive older man, Wesleyan is ready to pleasure you orally, Wesleyan digs your cabana hat, Wesleyan feels what you feel, Wesleyan thinks you look different in real life than you do on Friendster, Wesleyan is into mixing patterns, Wesleyan is smiling because she pities you, Wesleyan kind of feels like you’re following her, Wesleyan is quite certain that you are, Wesleyan sweats your fannypack, Wesleyan feels that clothes are oppressive. Oh, Wesleyan.

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