Monday, October 17, 2005

First things first:

Second things second: My new favorite TV show / addiction is
NY Noise, on the government-run NY Channel 25. Partially because it’s one of the few channels I get with basic Brooklyn cable, and partially because this week it featured Eugene Mirman eating ice cream and staring at birthday cakes in a bakery window with Langhorne Slim. Quality. Tuesdays at 10pm.

Third things X3rd: The
X3 teaser site shows Alkali Lake in its short flash video, where Jean Grey supposedly died in X2 – this likely means the introduction of the Phoenix character in X3. *note: some nerd wrote that, not me. -- Andrea.


The new Madonna leak. Innovative as heck. If her hawk-eyed lawyers have taken it down by the time you hit it, check Technorati for the latest leak link.

Madonna - Hung Up

The title track from Cat Power’s upcoming release The Greatest. Chan Marshall or Fiona Apple? They should have an angst-off.
Cat Power – The Greatest

Mp3 off Deerhoof’s current release:
Deerhoof – Wrong Time Capsule

Early Man’s release on Matador (follow up to their April Monitor release) is buzzing like a supermodel after hours. I like the Sabbath feel of this song:
Early Man – Death Is The Answer

Track off Devotchka’s amazing, amazing album – go see them at Webster Hall with Dresden Dolls, for serious. They are the diamond in the indie klezmer rough:
Devotchka – Such A Lovely Thing

Stream 5 tracks of Brian Wilson’s first holiday album, What I Really Want For Christmas. “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” with a go-go beach-party breakdown at the end, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, “First Noel”, a very Beach Boys-ish “Deck The Halls”, and “Christmasey”, which I think is a Wilson orig.
Brian Wilson – What I Really Want For Christmas

It’s set for release this Tuesday 10.18, as is Depeche Mode’s Playing The Angel..

Fa La La La La,


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Max said...

First thing's first: The music of Jack Johnson?! Joan Plowright AND David Cross in the same movie? What the fuck? Ron Howard is so crass and he can suck it. I do not believe that he has any creative input on Arrested Development. Rant: over.

Second thing: The Early Man album is on Matador, but they released an EP on Monitor earlier this year, FYI.

"Third things X3rd" is the best wordplay of the week.
Scoop: My Dad is in Vancouver editing this movie as we speak, and I'll be in Vancouver, checking shit out this weekend. I wanna get yelled at by Patrick Stewart and/or Ian McKellen.

4 kicks: Today on stereogum, everyone's all like, woah, did you know Cat Power has meltdowns at her shows? This is new news? C'mon. Where have people been for the past five years? Internerds.