Thursday, October 06, 2005

There She Goes: Mamma Cass And Sarah

Please check out Thailand’s Next Top Model. Those girls are smoking. What is Kim doing in the boring American competition? OK, to recap: Mamma Cass quits the competition to avoid another haircut; Sarah loves tang; K. Stoli is a pimp; Tyrant wants you to walk with wind in your hair and doesn’t sympathize with your gender identity struggle; Nigel misses the PJ’s; Sarah gets eliminated for wanting to model so badly that she models badly; Kim feigns tears.

And now, the internet speaks:

Hothouse (lez blog) is head over heels for Kim, literally! Hahahahaha - WIT! I mean they even talk about her ebay boot auction, is what I mean! Get it? Hah! But seriously – they are in love with her.

And they’re not the only ones: Kim Facera of AfterEllen says, “Kim’s got something more than Charlize Theron-like beauty and a mouth that’s an invitation to heaven – she’s got a masculine innocence. She’s fragile, yet she drips sex. And she leaves a trail. I suspect that someone other than Sarah’s going to want a piece of her.” Like, maybe…you, Kim?

The message boards be hatin’ on Kim this week:

On Kim: “Kim is getting on my nerves more and more. Her picture? AWFUL. Her ears are weird and little and too low and are starting to be reminiscent of Chunk from The Goonies. And also, too much face. And she walks like she has scoliosis.”

On Kim: “She completely knowingly used an honest, sweet girl who was eighteen, bicurious, and from the sticks...Whoever called it fratboy behavior was right…Kim took advantage of her naivete on national television. Girl's got no heart, and liked her a lot less after this episode.”

And some Kim love: "She's hot. And makes me question my sexuality. And knows that she turns on straight girls which makes her weirdly more hot."

I need to go to the projects more often,


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