Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hoez, Take Off Your Clothez

So we haven’t posted all that much this week, to allow you all to pay due respect to the beautiful MGMT - ‘Boogie Down’ Video. It is now posted at Antville – make sure to go there and talk it up to the masses. I promise all kinds of entertaining posts soon; here are some things to keep you occupied in the interim.

Some random websites have posted a list of the most sexually active dorms in the US. They claim that the list is based on a survey conducted "for twenty years" by a team at Cornell. Ostensibly, the now-middle-aged team of dorm voyeurs toiled for the major part of their adult lives to find out this vital statistic. More likely, some kids at the University of Rhode Island are having themselves a laugh (and a romp!), but the list places Wesleyan's own slutty Hewitt Hall at #21, and that makes it legitimate to me.

In other internews, Friendster has changed the "Who's Viewed Me" option so that you can no longer see who's viewed you if you have the "view anonymously" option switched on. For some reason, that seems so unjust that I'm sputtering about it. Sputtering!

Quickies: ……As Trent so aptly put it: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..But to counteract that: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY…..This is what happens when you make a typo when typing a URL…..and the real feather in the cap of this post: $1 million to have the director of Brown Bunny as your baby’s daddy!

To prove that I'm actually "cool" and "a functional human being" with "friends" and an "active social life", I’m going to take pictures of the DMBQ / An Albatross / usaisamonster show tonight. An Albatross have the coolest splash page on their website ever. That means first page you find. On a website. Um...

They’re already laughing at me,

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