Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Holy. Fuck.

This is the band Death From Above 1979.
(click pics to enlarge)

This is what their bassist looks like from one foot away.

This is what a 5’5”, 120 lb girl looks like when she’s being tagged from behind by a 400-capacity venue against the edge of a stage.

This is what rock should be like. My uterus is broken.

Here is a short, awesome video someone made of them playing “Blood On Our Hands”:
DFA1979 – Blood On Our Hands (live 11/7/05)

Here is some music:
DFA1979 – "Little Girl"
DFA1979 – "Little Girl [MSTRKRFT Remix]"
DFA1979 – "Black History Month [Josh Homme remix]"
DFA1979 – You’re a Woman, I’m A Machine (streaming)

Show highlights: the drummer of Japanther tossing his symbol into the audience, which nailed some guy in the face and made a jagged cut across his right eye; Sebastien Granger, the DFA drummer, briefly played Kanye West’s “Golddigger”, tried to get a roadie to say “nigger”, then laughed at the US for being afraid of the N-word – and added that there are no black people in Canada, just “Canadians and Jamaicans”.

There is blood on our hands tonight,

(first two photos courtesy of suckapants - oops!)


Anonymous said...

You just gotta love Todd P! I was in the mosh. So awesome!

Anonymous said...

Those first photos look like the ones on (?)