Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Looking At Looking At Lookbook

Alexa Steinberg (Wes '04), who once inflamed the minds and hearts of students - or whoever it is that reads Argus - and published a think piece in The Nation, can most recently be found snarking off about an old lady's clothes in Gawker column "Looking at the Look Book". Peer into your post-graduate future, Wesleyan:

Alexa Steinberg, April 2001: "The Article I wrote for the April 3rd issue of the Argus, "Asian American Students Ponder Alienation at Wes", seems to have caused a lot of commotion on campus. This is a good thing. What was intended to be a mere report on the Asian and Asian American Awareness Convocation unexpectedly became a catalyst for discussions of racial issues at Wesleyan."

Alexa Steinberg, April 2005: "The PART findings...are misleading. The zero rating is based on the responses OMB officials and program administrators gave to yes-or-no questions such as: 'Does the program demonstrate improved efficiencies and cost effectiveness in achieving program goals each year?' 'Does the performance of this program compare favorably to other programs with similar purpose and goals?' On the PART for adult education grants, the response to each of these questions was 'no.' Why? The Department of Education never established measurable long-term or annual performance goals for the adult literacy program."

Alexa Steinberg, December 2005: "Meooow! Upper East Side Ice Queen Alert."

From solemn, to promising and well-researched, to snarky and sobered, all in one year! Oh, the places you'll go (Park Slope), Oh, the blogs you will write...

Not talking 'bout the man in the mirror,


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