Monday, January 09, 2006

The Gray Lady Cringes, Part II

A typical hipster at Fat Baby.
The Gray Lady, always an intrepid explorer of the counterculture, has discovered hipster haunt Fat Baby, and has peppered the bar's little 400-word profile with insight about hipsters:

"Hipsters are a little like porn stars: you know them when you see them, but no one wants to admit he is one."

Besides the absurd suggestion that you know a porn star when you see one, I've never heard of a porn star (particularly male) that didn't proudly proclaim his occupation. The on-the-street quotes were also little gold nuggets: "We're scared of places like Stanton Social that come here that are soooo nice," says neighorhood resident Bryce, inexplicably referring to himself in the plural. Perhaps he refers to himself and other artistically inclined locals, who work in creative fields comparable to his own - corporate finance (yes, really). His friend Liz offers, "'I actually like this place because it has no vibe." ...Totally.

Fat Baby's "Dress Code" is, of course, "berets, bangs, and camisoles" - naturally the very last word in French Ye-Ye couture. But the most charming bit of the whole article was the final "Note to hipsters: visit Finland." Awww - the Times thinks hipsters might read Sunday Styles. Not if Gawker doesn't link it, Lady.

Next: The Times discovers Facebook!

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