Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hell Freezes Over

Last night, as I watched the Rose Bowl and chowed down on Brother Jimmy's chopped brisket, corn bread, collard greens, baked beans, BBQ shrimp and fried green tomatoes, and the slow, crispy sound of hell freezing over could barely be heard over the roar of the Longhorns fans on the TV, I realized something: football is awesome.
To catch up my readership, who probably doesn't exist, but if it does, probably doesn't follow football, the Rose Bowl is the SuperBowl of college football, and last night the USC Trojans played the University of Texas Longhorns. For two-thirds of the game, I thought USC stood for University of South Carolina, but it actually stands for Southern California. Whatever, the point is, the Lone Star state took the bowl, despite some gymnastic antics from USC's Heisman-winning running back Reggie Bush, and his Heisman-winner teammate Matt Leinart, plus a breakout performance from Bush's running mate, LenDale White. Texas superstar QB Vince Young saved the Longhorns with a 17-yard run, followed by two more runs or touchdowns or whatever. Like, he ran past the thing two more times. But it's OK, because Bush is going to be drafted for the NFL, and he and White beat some important record set in the 40's by some people named Glenn Davis and Felix "Doc" Blanchard of combined career touchdowns. But the super cool part was how fast Vince Young ran through all those people, and how Reggie Bush did a 26-yard run punctuated by an air-somersault into the end zone (see photo, left). In other news, the Longhorns' coach looks like a total fag. And President bush called him this morning.

Texas fight, Texas fight, for it's Texas we love best,
Give 'em hell, go Horns go, and goodbye to all the rest!



jess the best said...

what? who are you?

Andrea said...

An American!

josh jacobs said...


this is josh jacobs, your brother's friend (not your brother's other friend josh but your brother's other other friend josh). let me note that I read your blog multiple times a week and have raved to alex numerous times about your writing, and I'm not even into music nor do I get many of your references.

another note of the just being anal variety since I work for espn, on jan 5 you wrote "the Rose Bowl is the SuperBowl of college football." actually that's only true this year, as college football's superbowl rotates between 4 different bowl games: fiesta, orange, sugar, and rose (which are also due to those damn corporations now technically the tostitos fiesta bowl, fedex orange bowl, nokia sugar bowl, and rose bowl).

Happy writing. I hope your blog explodes on the scene and you receive copious amounts of poorly written hatemail, that's the true measure of having made it.