Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Week In L

After her appearance with Queerty blogger Bradford Shellhammer on Sirius Radio's Derek & Romaine show last Tuesday (see left), Kimmie gave Queerty a revealing interview Friday, in which she totally shouts out to li'l old Shitparade!! Besides her blog preferences, we also learn that Lady K uses Nars and Chanel instead of Cover Girl, that she prefers Kate Moss off the rock (sort of), that her contract with UPN expires in December 2006, that Kyle has been approached by a plethora of agencies, and that she used to be a total Ani lez.

So, why have we not conducted such an interview, you may ask? I guess because the Kate-Brearley-Me-Wesleyan-All-Of-Us-New-York ultra-connectedness would make it pretty weird and maybe giggly. And maybe because like...we haven't asked. Anyway...hi, Kim! Wanna have another interview? Oooh - how about a photo shoot with my friend at Details? Or do we have to wait til January 2007?

In other news, rumor has it that Lady K is going to judge the Oberlin drag ball.

Next up: The L Word episode 2.1 recap!! Dyke drama galore.

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