Thursday, January 26, 2006

Project Runway

This post isn't actually about the totally gay Bravo show Project Runway - for an excellent summary of last night's show, go to Totesumbrellas. No - this is about FASHION.

I haven’t picked up a copy of Vogue for a stretch, but I just went to and they have successfully PUMPED ME UP for New York Fashion Week, to be hosted two blocks away from my office in Bryant Park Feb 3 – Feb 6 (I’ll be in LA almost that whole time, but still).

First, this little half-blind item got me psyched:

Miss Sixty is banking on a warm reception on February 2 for its first New York fashion week outing—the Italian denim giant has booked Capitale, the former Bowery Savings Bank, as its venue. And there'll be no scrimping on the talent, either. Asia Argento, creative director Wichy Hassan’s muse and campaign star, will take the final exit, and as for the top-secret special musical guest…well, let's just say she's made headlines with her milkshake.”
Is it the obvious Kelis? Or does Style actually know what a milkshake is supposed to mean? I certainly don't. Then, of course, there's the buzz factor behind Asia Argento, director and star of fictional fiction author JT Leroy's The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things adaptation. There are so many aspects of this show to fag out about that I can’t even get excited. So I'm not. So there.

Also, Manuel Cuevas, the man responsible for the fashion statements of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley's Vegas Years, Bob Dylan, and my beloved Dolly, is premiering his RTW line. Thank you, Brokeback Mountain – the urban cowboy has (re)arrived!

One helluva town,


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