Friday, February 17, 2006


Some of you may have heard that the beautiful Ms. Wesleyan Photoblog Presence 2005 modeled for the American Apparel's famously - rmmm - liberated web store. What you may not know is which picture is of her, because her face is cut off so as not to distract from her naughty bits. Try to find the edited one on the AA Store site (hint: I saw it on the first page, but not necessarily when I first got there). It's like Where's Waldo, with boobies!

Dov Charney touched me here >>

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Anonymous said...

just thought i'd say that i go to wesleyan and know this girl. while i couldn't find her naughty bits on the website, i did overhear some of her naughty secrets while dining in her proximity at a campus eatery the other night.