Tuesday, February 28, 2006


My lezzie friend told me that Anne Hathaway is gay, and at first I dismissed it as the typical lesbot assuming everyone else is a gay in denial. But then I looked into it, and I think my lesbo friend is right. Let's examine the evidence:

1) The last person Anne was rumored to be dating was Topher Grace - apparently they "casually dated" from 1999-2001. She has not had a boyfriend since then.
2) She is a vegetarian from Brooklyn.
3) She was an English major at Vassar.
4) Her close friend, Heather Matarazzo, is a lesbian, and announced that she had an as-yet-unnamed girlfriend in 2004.
5) Has been quoted saying, "I've intimidated men my entire life, and it has nothing to do with fame."
6) Has a gay brother who recently married his partner of 5 years.

Hathaway is pictured above with Amber Tamblyn, who, according to imdb, loves Ani DiFranco (code for totally gay).

Shakespeare's wife was a beard,



josh (alex's friend) said...

Anne Hathaway went to high school with me (true). I have some inside information about her to add.

-saw her at my friend's new years party making out with a boy: hetero

-boy was ugly: homo

-anne critiqued her meeting with christina aguilera: catty hetero

Verdict: jury still out

rubber luver said...

she's yummy!!!! therefore needs some good boning.
would woula lesbo if she looks like this one!