Monday, February 27, 2006

that hall of fame is a piss stain.

Originally scheduled to play the Syrup Room on Saturday, a last minute venue change sent Weird War to a private loft in the most forsaken, industrial area of East Williamsburg. The four-band show started nearly three hours after the publicized time, the place had no ventilation and was packed to capacity – so it was next to impossible to see the bands on a barely elevated stage. And yeah, that was the bad part.

Good: $2 beer, $3 whisky, hilariously depressing college d├ęcor - Christmas lights, a giant mural of a ninja turtle holding a (bloody?) beer. Also good: the second half of the party at a loft apartment down the hall, where some random middle schooler got wasted and pissed out the window, screeched at his friend Chris in a cacophony of voice cracks and high pitched giggles, then passed out on a couch in his boxers. The kitchen in that apartment had some great snacks. And also good: three opening acts made up of guys who looked like high school students – though I know Aa are in their twenties – and of course, Weird War, who absolutely slayed it. It could have been the combination of heat exhaustion and general fatigue – their set started at 2:15am – but WW have never looked or sounded better. Ian Svenonius climbed all over the stage, and the loft staircase next to the stage, squealing and writhing around and humping the banister. And "AK-47" kicked everyone's ass.

Quickies:...The Sex Pistols officially refuse Hall of Fame induction, curse a lot....
Yoo-hoo is one of the beverage sponsors for the Orchard SXSW Happy Hour, so everyone in my office got free Yoohoo, which reminded me of childhood and made me feel sick and very, very happy....Mark "The Minimalist" Bittman's recipe for pasta puttenesca is awesome, but it works even better with Russo's capocaccia - also, I make awesome banana fritters....Last Night's Party photog Merlin Bronques has a "last nights party trailer" up at his website - for what? I shudder to think.

Outside the shit-stem is a real SEX PISTOL


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