Friday, March 31, 2006

Silly Rabbit

So, I'm not a big sneakerhead, but I like style and design and like, clothes and shit. Recently, some of my male friends have become really into sneakers, and their excitement got me wondering - where are the awesome sneakers for women? Laces NYC opened this year, carrying women’s size sneakers only, and there are already sites dedicated to female kicks collectors - most notably Ladykickz and FemaleSneakerFiend – but I thought I'd contribute my two cents anyway.

In terms of GR (general release) sneakers, I love my roommate's Lacoste Thrills – but I don’t think I’m blonde enough to pull off blue and corn yellow. I’d go for the olives [BUY].

Small Aussie brand Royal Elastic has been on the rise since Gwen Stefani chose them over all major competitors to put out her limited L.A.M.B. sneaks. I’m not into L.A.M.B., but I dig Royal Elastic’s Field Tex Italias [BUY]. Likewise, I’m not a Louis Vuitton fan, but the LV Monogram Denim Canvas Sneaker (right) is purty [BUY].

Women’s sneaker culture is way bigger in the UK than here, and they even have a brand called Pointer which is designed by a woman and isn’t available stateside. Brands like JB and Nike tend to make W-size counterparts to men’s cuts, and a lot of their W-size colorways are more popular with men than the men’s ones. My roommate’s Nike Zoom Blazers in Khaki / Igloo [BUY] are a perfect example; I also like them in Green Curry / Baroque Brown [BUY].

JB’s Women’s Getlo sneaks in Green / Gold Weave are awesome, and only available in W-sizes [BUY]. There are also a ton of sweet Nike colorways that are W-size only, like the just-OK Dunks “High Hair” editions [BUY], the slick anthracite Vandal Hi Inside Out sneaks [BUY] and the super-cool Dunks Olive Tweeds [BUY].

It’s hard to find good vintage sneaks in women’s sizes, because almost all limited edition sneakers from the 80’s and 90’s were mens’ only. To remedy this, shop around for low men’s or kids’ sizes - the Nike Dunk "Send Help" hightop (left) is available at KickzStore in low sizes... is the AF1 Stash Tokyo [BUY].

As far as vintage hightops go, I’m not that crazy about the 80’s Reebok aerobic look; I prefer old school tennis or sailing sneaks, like these All-leather Keds I found on ebay.

In the novelty department, here are the new "Code M" mp3 sneaks from Dada Footwear...

...which seem not only uncomfortable, but pointless too - awesome! Now all they need is spinners. But I’m super excited about the soon-to-be-released Nike Women’s Vandal Lows – with hearts!

*UPDATE: Adidas Gruber Lo sneaks, with crazy socks attached, are W-only and freakin AWESOME [BUY]. The end.

Kix are for chix, ~Andrea

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