Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Roman Polanski’s horror classic Repulsion is playing through Thursday at Film Forum; on Friday, their “B-noir” series opens with Kiss Me Deadly and The Killing – excited. Also, apparently this week it’s Cinco de Mayo, which is “Fifth of May” in like Mexican or something. Man, Mexicans are really hogging the spotlight in the newsmedia nowadays. Who are these Mexicans, anyway? Do they sound like Arcade Fire?

If you’re interested in free-alcohol-related event listings – and if you aren’t, I’m not sure why you’re reading this blog – check out
MyOpenBar. For those of you unacquainted, they list Open Bar events, complete with descriptions that alternate between enthusiastic and acid. Also, I hear the women who write for them are stacked like monster truxxx.

Wed 5.3 Slavoj Zizek @ Deitch Wooster, 7pm, FREE
Wed 5.3
Cinco De Mayo @ Anthology Film Archives, 7pm, $5
Wed 5.3
Wolfmother release @ Sapphire, bar 10-11pm, FREE w/RSVP
Thu 5.4 Calhoun School Chorus @ B&N Lincoln Ctr, 4:15pm, FREE
*Thu 5.4
Standing Nudes @ Tonic, 8pm, $8
Thu 5.4 Cringe @
Freddy’s Backroom, 8:30pm, FREE
Thu 5.4 Basquiat opening @ Deitch Projects, (flyer)

*Fri 5.5
Ned Vizzini @ B&N Park Slope, 6:30pm, FREE
Fri 5.5
Rachael Ray @ B&N Union Sq, 7pm, FREE
Fri 5.5 Smashed!Blocked! @ Beauty Bar, bar 10-11pm, FREE (flyer)


vampiro said...

funny how you say mexicans are hoggin the holidays...last we heard jews had a shitload of religious holidays.

some perspective.

Andrea said...

Vampiro - At a close second reading, you'll notice that my post said Mexicans are "hogging the spotlight in the news media". Don't even get me started on Jews in the news media - or should I say "jews media".