Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where is Jesse Camp?

The Onion wrote a spoof article on the topic in February ("I Don't Wonder What Jesse Camp Is Up To These Days", The Onion, 2/8/2006), which really got me thinking: what's Jesse Camp up to these days? Months later, I still don't know, but according to some research conducted by MTV in March, he's living in LA, and his former manager says he "has spent the last several years trying to find himself and do the right thing, unfortunately without much success to date." So Jesse Camp is a junkie in LA. Can't say I'm shocked, but I feel for the guy. And I'd like to find him. And you know, get some organic yam fries or something. How's about it, JC?

Also, how can Jesse Camp & The Eighth Street Kidz not have sold more records? They were way, way ahead of their time (I'm looking at you, The Vines).

We're just working on our chemistry,
it starts with your lips and a little bit of kinetic energy,


Jesse Camp & The Eighth Street Kidz - See You Around


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Can you find Puck from Real World too? Whatever happened to Pedro also?