Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wishful Blind Item

Oh, my word.

Who is this person-like being? Surely not Nicole Kidman, one-time icon of style, beauty, and elegance. Surely not the woman who slithered her way through Eyes Wide Shut half-dressed, like a sultry blonde Audrey Hepburn? Surely this bleached-out, putty-faced, Prince-of-Darkness-cloaked hellion - who appears to have risen out of the ground only to steal someone's first born, then wink and vanish - bares no relation to Tom Cruise' number-one beard, the woman who had to "ugly down" to play Virginia Woolf? But if not Nicole, who? Britney Spears? LaToya Jackson? Dorian Gray, perhaps?

Oh, now I remember...

Yes, it must be Amanda Lepore. So hard to recognize her with clothes on sometimes.

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shadow said...

oh my god, i just puked in my mouth a lil' bit