Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dare to Dream.

If you're interested in that sort of thing, Paris Hilton's new video for "Nothing In This World" is up on YouTube. In it, the squirrely blonde writhes around under a mane of plastic hair with an underage boy. The video is purportedly based on The Girl Next Door, which was about a ne'er-do-well high school kid who lucks out by living next to a hot porn star (Elisha Cuthbert, who makes an appearance in this video as the mean popular girl). In the stretch of the century, Paris fills the role of the porn star next door.

A lot is being made of the video's similarity to My Chemical Romance video for "I'm Not Okay", which share's the Paris video's movie trailer format and high school loser theme - a theme which could light a city with the power of its irony in a Paris Hilton video. But what about a much earlier, much more significant contributor to pop? Who else could I mean but the inimitable, invincible...Madonna.

Madonna - Open Your Heart

As usual, she did it first, and she did it better - "it" meaning pederasty, in this particular case. How does she manage to be sexier than Paris at twice the body mass and a dyke haircut? The world may never know.

Madonna, abbiamo ancora bisogno di te,



Anonymous said...

anche abbiamo bisono di te Bella!

Grazie e saluti!


shadow said...

oh Andrea,
senza di te