Monday, September 18, 2006

Islamic World: Papa Ratzi Won't Leave Us Alone!

In an attempt to assuage rumors that Islam is "evil and inhuman", Muslim protestors in Basra, Iraq, burnt Pope Benedict XVI in effigy yesterday, and a Muslim activist group based in Iraq posted a warning on their website of a war against "worshippers of the cross." Meanwhile, a Turkish man in Ankara rushed a Protestant church with a fake gun, two men shot a 70-year-old nun four times in the back at an Italian parochial school, and two churches in the West Bank were set on fire. The Jews, meanwhile, have yet to take to the streets in protest of the Catholic Church's selection of a FUCKING NAZI as the earthly voice of their Holy Savior. [source, source]

In other news, I'm back on MTVU! Nice boots, huh? I haven't watched it yet, because it's not Mac compatible. Therefore, if I said something stupid, chalk it up to biased editing. If I said something smart, of course - it was all me.

Papal smear,



Ron Kagan said...

That's absolutely hilarious. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Boots? Who cares? Your hot! Think Shitparade can double as an online dating serv and we can hookup? Wink, wink.

By the way, Kim's boots are hotter. Want to hook me up with her too?