Monday, October 09, 2006

Thoughts and Feelings

Given everything that's happening in North Korea right now, it's important to think about the things that really matter. Like food, for example. Pointlessly ornate food, even more so. More specifically, pointlessly ornate food prepared by a zany cast of degenerate winos, otherwise known as:


It'sbackit'sbackit'sbackit'sback! Now, t
he reason you never really see me doing TV show recaps is partially my lack of basic cable - but also, my attention span. Following more than one TV show per season makes me irritable and anti-social; I'm a one-TV-show type of girl. Right now, for example, I'm a Girls Next Door type of girl (Kendra!!). I'm not sure I ever mentioned it last season, but I was so into Top Chef. You should have seen me during the finale - what a nail-biter! - and even better, the reunion. That Tiffani! Whew! I could just...grrr. Am I right?

Season 2's cast looks like it's one to be reckoned with, and there are a few notable changes. First of all, there's a new hostess - and thank God for that.


It's true that I'll miss Katie Lee Joel's fascinatingly lifeless delivery - not to mention flawless diction - but cookbook author / hottie / Salman Rushdie groupie Padma Lakshmi ought to give the show some kick. Also, last season there were a few sous chefs and caterers, but no executive chefs - while this season, we have four! Cliff Crooks of Salute! here in NYC, Carlos Fernandez of Hi-Life in Florida, Frank Terzoli of Heat in San Diego - and Sam Talbot of Punch, also here in NYC, which makes him my default pick for the season looking out; Punch happens to be owned by a close friend of mine! Plus, there's a pastry chef this season, which should fill in the dessert void that came to a head with a Sara Lee wedding cake in Season 1. Check out the sweet trailer here.

Please pack your knives and go,


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