Friday, August 26, 2005


Has anyone seen Current yet? I don't have premium channels, but I'm hoping to hell that it's something like Nick News used to be when I was a kid. Now Nick has some old lady anchor named Linda Ellerbee doing it, but when I was a kid they had these hyper ambitious child actors really annunciating the headlines. It was both engaging and destracting. Maybe when Dakota Fanning's career bottoms out...

Also, there's this new movie Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo, based on the Alexander Dumas classic. I'm not that into anime - it always strikes me as sort of pervy - but this film seems to have possibility: it was directed by Mahiro Maeda (who did that "Second Renaissance" segment in Animatrix) with costumes by Anna Sui, and music by JJ Burnel - bassist for The Stranglers, one of the most underrated, versatile bands ever - they did that pretty "Golden Brown" song on the Snatch soundtrack, originally off their 1981 album "La Folie". The 1982 7" "Strange Little Girl" is my favorite - PS who the hell am I suddenly?

In other news, make rezzies at Monkeytown while you can, before the pending NYTimes feature blows it up beyond recognition. I'm personally excited about the Forcefield video series starting 9.8, for which I have made reservations, and the grilled Persian lamb t-bone with mint orzo. Cruelty tastes gooooood.


Anonymous said...

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Andrea said...

OMG thank you so much! I am interested in pimples! Pimples are so fun! Yeesh.