Friday, August 26, 2005

Brangelina in East Egg, More

Brangelina is rumored to be hitting NYC soon - she to film her upcoming movie with Robert DeNiro, and he to follow her around like a puppy. To that end, he's supposedly renting a Southampton estate for after labor day, which is coincidentally when she is hosting a benefit for Haiti in the Hamptons with Meryl Streep. If this is true, I may take an Indian summer respite to the East. Maybe the Hamptons aren't so bad?

Shortly before purging my lunch, I read that the mayor of Budapest is trying to pass legislature that allows only women with "perfect legs" to wear miniskirts, and bans crop tops altogether, since obviously "few women have well-trained bellies worth showing to people."

Some guy in New Zealand was raped by a bunch of twenty-something women.

A bunch of weird junkies shot up in the middle of a Boston park in broad daylight (one, Jose, is pictured above). One of them died, one of them got arrested, and one of them fled. The fact that any of them got away makes me worry about terrorists all over again.

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