Thursday, August 18, 2005

Motherfucking YES!

Yes! I am so excited. I am so excited.

The MGMT site is finally up. The MGMT site is finally up! THE MGMT SITE IS FINALLY UP!

Actually, this is upstart label Cantora's site, the folks who helped put out this record - but it's MGMT's first web presence, which is awesome. There are two sample songs from their amazing upcoming EP, Time To Pretend. "Destrokk" is unlike any other MGMT (nee Management) song you've ever heard - Andrew's gritty vocals are so goddamn great on it, but you probably won't recognize his voice. And "Time To Pretend" is probably my favorite song of the past year. It sounds like a ruthless summer. It sounds like being fucking young. The EP has been on repeat in my iPod for literally a month, I cannot wait until everyone gets to hear it in its entirety.

Also on the site: album art, and a link to their tour dates with psych pop supergroup Of Montreal.

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