Friday, August 19, 2005


Fresh off SF craigslist: The best job offer ever? Shovel manure and get paid in...manure.

Physical Activity/Gardeners Sought for Horse Manure Collective (santa cruz)
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Date: 2005-08-19, 11:28AM PDT

Would you be willing to shovel two truckloads of horse manure in return for the second truck load to be delivered to your garden? I have a line on some well aged manure and have truck but need a second shoveler. My friend (whose horses they are) will provide the truck and help shovel, and I can shovel, but we need a couple more shovelers. Manure is in Bonny Doon, and I am on the Westside.

Also: This one is cool. I like how she thinks. In fact, this should be a reality show. Whoever has the most dramatic life with the steamiest lezzie encounters wins a book deal. And I'm trying to imagine what could possibly be wrong with her family to make them dysfunctional in so many areas. Amputees with tourettes? Manic depressive parapalegics? Impotent midgets? Discuss.

My Life
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Date: 2005-08-16, 9:17PM EDT

I would like to pen a book on how had grew up in an emotionally, physically and mentally dysfunctional family, had 4 children and became a single mom, picked up and moved to New york wit $7.00 and a bag of clothes and fell in love with a woman. I feel my story is very interesting and people would love to hear or read it.

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