Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The New JTT and the Sun King

Lou Taylor Pucci from upcoming releases Chumscrubber and Thumbsucker, besides having an apparent affinity for compound words, is the hottest little boy in the world, hailing from the the grand American tradition of hot little boys with "Taylor" as a middle name. I've got a crappy habit of watching movie trailers online, and came across this one for Thumbsucker, which features Keanu Reeves as a (dull-witted?) dentist. Twenty minutes of imdb stalking later, I'm in love - and I want to wish Louie a very, very happy 20th birthday (July 27).

Here's a picture of him, looking appropriately terrified of his new BIGGEST FAN!

And speaking of Louie, in case you wanted to see Jason Schwartzman dressed up as the Sun King, there's a cure for what ails you (thanks Kate). With any luck, Kirsten Dunst will add him to her A-list of indie actor boyfriends soon, and we can live vicariously through everyone involved. TomKat vs. JaKit? SonDun? Endless.

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