Saturday, September 17, 2005

Face of Molly Prefers Charlie!

Heroin addicts were shocked and disappointed to find that Kate Moss, the face of early-90's "Heroin Chic", is in fact a cokehead, as exclusively reported by the UK's Daily Mirror (more photos on pink is the new blog and Rizzn).

The supermodel is currently the face of Rimmel, Versace, Cerutti, Burberry, and countless other fashion institutions, including H&M, who has announced that they "forgive" her for her coke binge, and of course, my personal poetic favorite, Yves Saint Laurent's "Opium" perfume.

The revelation of Kate's coke addiction, like so many revelations before it, came in the form of a grainy video, in which Kate reportedly snorts 5 lines of coke in 40 minutes. I personally find it shocking that "The New Twiggy", measuring in at 33A-23-34, could possibly have any kind of involvement with a drug with side effects like weight loss, depression, and manic behavior, commonly used by entertainment industry types with ridiculously busy schedules. Especially one who has been romantically linked with such bastions of clean living as River Phoenix, Evan Dando, Johnny Depp, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti and currently with ex-Libertines frontman Pete Doherty.

The fashion world has collectively released a one-word press statement: "Duh."

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Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins said...

Thanks for the link.

Pretty shocking, I know. I think I cried for days. How the mighty have fallen.

Or something.