Monday, September 26, 2005

Is There Any More Room For Me In Those Genes?

Went to Kim’s last Wednesday to watch ANTM. In my opinion, she kicked ass - totally witty at tense moments (nice “Anyone want a cookie?” comment during that “You’re complaining!” “No, you’re complaining!” debate) and of course, smoking hot. How huge is it that Kim reminds Twiggy of herself? And FYI, Kim watched episode 1 in her home, surrounded by friends, and embracing her girlfriend.


Here’s the Hartford Advocate’s take on Kim’s reality career. Very supportive! I like that they call her a local.


Rumor has it that last season’s winner, Naima, was at Happy Ending bar in Chinatown last Tuesday – with her girlfriend. That’s right folks: Naima was a secret les.


Of course, Kimmie the Konqueror has invaded the so-called blogosphere, as well as ANTM message boards. Here’s some positive feedback:

From I have to admit I’m gunning for Kim, whose online profile lists The Economist as one of her favorite magazines…

If there is anything such as "butch," it certainly doesn't apply to Kim. She's very slight, very narrow, very much "pixie" in the same way (as somebody already noted) as Elyse. I would also put her in the same category (based on the only pics we have available) as Amanda (Season 3), Catie (Season 2), and Kahlen (Season 4). They all have a delicate way about them.
Some inaccurate (Sarah kissed her – and the quote is wrong too):

The ickiest was when she kissed Ashleigh and then looked at the others and said '1 down 12 to go.' It was just too in-your-face about her sexuality. It kind of reminded me of gays that calls straight folks 'breeders' in a derogatory manner.
Some speculative:

I bet you that Kim isn't serious about being a model, and totally went on the show to overtake it and play with people's heads. I bet she really does have a goal to kiss all of them. I could be wrong, but mark my words, thats my prediction. I just can't imagine a lesbian from Wesleyan (a school both my sisters went to) who wrote a 180 page thesis taking a show like ANTM seriously. I bet you she's planning to have some reality TV show fun. Really.

From TVSquad: Kim looks tragically horrible when dressed like a girl, but is a really cute and adorable as a boy. (In fact, she totally looks like a dude I would meet at a rock show and then make-out with.) She's got a great look for being androgynous, but she hasn't perfected it yet.
Some negative:

From Zap2it: In the limo on the way home, Kim, who has mentioned about eight times that she's a lesbian, tells Sarah she's beautiful.
And even some Wesleyan criticism:

It's a lesbian from Wesleyan. They are those ridiculously PC, know-it-all, better-than-you types. My BF went to Wesleyan so we have a lot of experience with them!
Whew, OK. I swear no more Kim news…until Wednesday. Oh, go here to watch Kim put horrible makeup on a naïve Sarah, who doesn’t catch on until “KYLE” is written on her forehead in liquid foundation. There are more videos but I don't have time.

Your mom has a pretty gene,


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Justin said...

Having Kyle written on her face was the least of that girl's problems.

Next time you talk to Kim, ask her when she's coming to Wesleyan to watch ANTM with us!