Friday, September 30, 2005

MGMT Shoot First Music Video TONIGHT!

MGMT are shooting their first video this evening and Saturday, for their sweet-ass jam "Boogie Down" off the recent EP, Time To Pretend. The video will be directed by the formidable Max Goldblatt, with the indispensible help of Kellen Quinn, and will involve tanks, blood, attractive people, time-consuming "messy" hairstyles, and of course - THE DANCE. If you want to be in it, put on your most overwrought fun-embarassing hipster-wear (that can take a beating), come to Northsix (66 N 6th St, Wburg) tonight at 9pm. This is going to be fun / ridiculous. I am going to wear makeup like the guy I like to call Crying Boy, who is always at Misshapes. I am excited.

On the blogger side, I will take stills of the shoot and do a little Pop Up Video style preview on Sunday (thank you Will for the idea). Maybe the DVD will have some real Pop Ups! Weirdly,
Totes Umbrellas is also referencing PUV today, which makes me think that aliens watch me and record everything I do.

I can hear them in the dial tone,


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