Friday, September 30, 2005


It’s true: My favorite character on the show (besides K. Stoli) was eliminated on Wednesday!

Why would they get rid of one of the two contestants who can formulate a sentence? It reminds me of Scream 2 (SPOILER) when Jamie Kennedy’s character gets killed off in the first half hour, thus destroying the only saving grace the movie could have had (he and Matt Lillard made Scream 1). But mark my words: Eb gets picked up by an agency and replaces Tyrant Banks as the hot new daytime personality. Don’t get it twisted, snatch!

Oh, well…highlights included:
- Cassandra the sociopathic Texan crying about her haircut, then referencing it incessantly in confessional.
- Lisa, clearly wasted, slurring at the other girls about how to walk on a runway – then apparently drunk again in the following segment.
- Kim saying, “I have better style than any of the other girls.”

Highlights from the message boards:

On Kim:
“She looks like a coked out 10-year-old, but she really doesn't conjure up images of a harley or a mullet, so I wish she'd just put the comments to rest.”

On Kim & Sarah
“Kim and Sarah sittin in a tree, gaining ratings for UPN tv. Oh the sapphic lovin...”

“I can't wait to see Kim and Sarah get it on, damn Kim is a PIMP.”

On Cassandra
“They kept showing stone-cold Cassandra not crying…when Ebony went home. Maybe all of her emotions are in her hair. That's why she was so afraid of having her feelings cut off.”

And my personal fave on Cassandra:
“HAHA, you're balheadit now!”

Balheadit always,


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Ebony was my life.