Saturday, October 22, 2005


Do I want to go to Misshapes on the off chance that Madge actually shows, rain and all? Definitely don't want to stand in the rain for even two seconds, but on the other hand - if Madonna is caught on camera dancing at Misshapes, I will punch myself in the nuts for not leaving the house. But I'm sick. Fuck.

Ty Braxton (pictured above) was awesome when he played Tonic last night, btw. That beatboxing thing he does is out of control, and his smile isn't half bad either. Kyp Malone's set was slow and pretty sullen - full of indie boy self-deprecations. It was funny when he asked the audience, "I have time for one more song - fast or slow?" and everyone said "Fast!" without hesitation. "Too fucking bad," he responded with a laugh. "I just got back from tour last night, so I'm even slower than usual, and I didn't think it was possible - I'm the slowest guy you'll ever meet." Dirty Projectors were, in contrast, lively, catchy, and somehow reminiscent of Weezer. They played an amazing music video before they went on; I'll post it if I can find it. Someone told me that their live show changes every time, depending on what lead singer Dave Longstreth feels like putting together. The music in the video below is the closest thing on their website to the music I heard at the show, which was much faster paced than any of the mp3's available online. (photo uploaded by Irena Kittenclaw)
Ty Braxton - The Violent Light Through Falling Shards
Dirty Projectors - I Won't Truck (awesome video)

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